Our Workshops and Classes

Musical Mayhem Productions offers full performance workshops and classes year round.  These courses are open to all children, regardless of experience or ability.  One workshop a year is by audition only.  All others accept and cast all those who register and audition.

Broadway Junior

Ages 4-10

Designed for kids ages 4-10, this intro class allows even the youngest cast member to shine in material that is designed just for their age group.  Actors will learn the basics of a show, and perform to enthusiastic audiences

Broadway Junior series features Broadway kids titles

Broadway Bound

Ages 6-12

Designed for kids ages 6-12, this unique class allows all actors to shine, regardless of experience.  Actors will learn the basics of a show, and perform to enthusiastic audiences.  Broadway Bound series shows feature Broadway jr Titles

Broadway Stars Ages 10-19

Our biggest program, ages 10-19, aims to challenge the performers to be an actor and put on a great production!  10-12 year olds must have been in a previous production at any theater to be eligible for this show.   Broadway Stars productions feature full length or High School edition shows. 

Broadway Elite

Ages 8-21

Our Broadway Elite series is our top tier of workshops.  All who wish to participate must audition, and from those auditions, the show is cast.  Not everyone will be cast in the production.  Broadway Elite features full length Broadway musicals. 

Homeschool Performance Workshops

Designed specifically for homeschoolers, these courses let students learn all sides of the production.  From helping with the set, inputting costume design ideas, making props, and staring in the show, these students have a well rounded experience, concluding with public performances.

Elementary School Musicals

Our after school Elementary School shows are perfect for any school!  Open to all grades, we work with the school to make a creative and fun environment.  Ticket proceeds from the performance are donated to the school!

Master Academy

Designed for the dedicated performer, the Master Academy is our training course.  With weekly classes in Acting, Dance and Singing, these performers will excel in our other programs, and in the theater community!  This is an audition only class and is a yearly commitment.