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The Annual Brannie Awards

The Brannie awards are named after MMP Co-Founders, Bryce and Anne-Marie (BrAnnie).  These awards allow MMP to recognize cast member excellence each season.  With awards for ensemble members, supporting, and leading characters, we are able to recognize those who embraced the magic of live theatre - inspiring the audience, and their fellow cast members. 

Also, new members of our 20-40-60 club are inducted at the Brannie Awards! You can find out more about this club HERE


Awards will be presented for the following productions:
Broadway Junior:  The Lion King Kids (A & B), The Jungle Book Kids (A & B), Willy Wonka Kids (A & B)
Broadway Bound:  High School Musical Jr, Mary Poppins Jr, Guys & Dolls Jr, Pirates of Penzance Jr
Broadway Stars:  Urinetown, Moana Jr, The Addams Family
Broadway Elite:  Chicago
Homeschool Workshops:  Fiddler on the Roof Jr, The Little Mermaid (A & B)

2020-21 Season Winners

Outstanding Dancer

Coraline Morgan - Annie Kids

Elly Mate - Legally Blonde

Morgan Rivera - Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr

Quinn McWayne - Winnie the Pooh Kids

Grace Rivera - Wizard of Oz: YPE

Alexia Cuevas - Shrek Jr

Teresa Cervantes - Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate

Sophia Catanzaro - Honk Jr 

Outstanding Actor

Peyton Bonham - Annie Kids

Riley Bringino - Legally Blonde

Austin Tymochko - Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr

Allyson Wolfe - Winnie the Pooh Kids

Tucker Johnson - Wizard of Oz: YPE

Kayci Kerner - Shrek Jr

Hannah Dapelo - Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate

Alexys Barnum - Honk Jr

Outstanding Vocalist

Macy Hinshaw - Annie Kids

Sydney Carmona - Legally Blonde

Jillian Kimberly - Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr

Kayla Stockbridge - Winnie the Pooh Kids

Mia Gutierrez - Wizard of Oz: YPE

Lily Dapelo - Shrek Jr

Sophia Dodson - Honk Jr

Scene Stealer

Oliver Cullity - Annie Kids

Nathan Ward - Legally Blonde

Patty Dorsey - Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr

Mateo Friedman-Pitti - Winnie the Pooh Kids

Hailey Mueller - Wizard of Oz 

Orion Harmon - Shrek Jr

Wadlay Gallardo - Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate

Jocelyn Emperador - Honk Jr 

Overall Winners

Uzziah Portoni and Finley Haviland  - Outstanding Duo/Group - Winnie the Pooh Kids

Lizzie Souliere -Outstanding Supporting Performer - Legally Blonde

Xander Harmon - Outstanding Supporting Performer -  The Wizard of Oz: YPE

Marcela Tillson De Leon - Outstanding Leading Performing - Legally Blonde

Catherine-Marie Palileo - Outstanding Leading Performer - Annie Kids

Vivan West - Outstanding Program Assistant

Grace Carter - Season All Star

Jesse Raga - Season All Star

2019-20 Season Winners

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