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Rewarding Life Long MMP Cast Members

MMP students can gain entry into the 20-40-60 club

by completing 20, 40 or 60 MMP Productions! 

Application must be turned in a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the Brannie Awards to be considered for that season


Productions in the following categories count towards your show total:

· Early MMP workshops before categories were implemented (not non performance summer camps)

· Summer Camps—Performance only, not one week camps (ie Disney Days)

· Elementary School Musicals and Homeschool Performance Workshops

· Broadway Junior, Broadway Bound, Broadway Stars and Broadway Elite Shows

What do you get by joining the 20-40-60 Club?

Well - Bragging rights... and.....

20 Club

Name on 20 Club Plaque at MMP

20 Club Trophy

20 Club Exclusive Gear

40 Club

Name on 40 Club Plaque at MMP

40 Club Trophy

40 Club Exclusive Gear

LaDuca Dance Shoes

60 Club

Name on 60 Club Plaque at MMP

60 Club Trophy

60 Club Exclusive Gear

LaDuca Dance Shoes

Free Shows for the remainder of your time at MMP

20 Club Members

Allie Couchot

Bella Fuhs

Cooper Miller

Elly Mate

Grace Carter

Grace Pimentel

Jesse Raga

Jillian Kimberly

Juliet Lopez

Michael Stark

Morgan Rivera

Sarah Edwards

Soleil Gonzalez

Tristan Smith

Zoey Milburn

Xander Harmon

40 Club Members

60 Club Members

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